100 years of OT and what OT means to me

2017 is an exciting year!! Occupational therapy turns 100 and I want to share what OT means to me, has meant to me, and what OT will hopefully become.

Occupational therapy means opportunity taken to me. As we go through life and schooling, there are many career choices. I am fortunate to have stumbled upon OT. I was in the USNAVY and my friend’s wife was an OT. Upon discharge from service, I looked into OT and thank god I did. The career fits my personality and intellect to a tee. 

That is why occupational therapy has meant so much to me…….because I am OT. I think about all components….physical, mental, social. I love to solve problems.  In OT school, they call it activity analysis, but it is essentially problem solving with creativity!! Since OT’s are trained in many frames of reference, we as OTs can be as creative as we want ro be to help others. In educational circles, it is called differentiated instruction. In coaching, it is called game planning to your players strengths. In parenting, it is called being an active listener and guide. 

OT is in so many things that , unfortunately, it is often overlooked. I hope that the future of OT can help people to be independent and utilize information properly. As a society, information is everywhere. It can be daunting, but I think OTs can be leaders in analyzing and applying this information. It is such an important skill that is taken for granted. For example, I used to love Jeopardy, but now with Google it seems kind of silly to know obscure facts. I would rather be good at using information well than just knowing tons of information.

Please share what OT means to you here or on my Facebook page. Looking forward to a great 2017!!

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