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Reaching Higher Therapy

Our mission at Reaching Higher Therapy is to provide the best services to every student, family, and school district while adhering to our educational philosophy. We know every student can learn and it is a core belief to our practice.

We strive to innovate and lead with the latest programs and technologies. Our signature product, Coleman Curriculum for School Based Occupational Therapy, combines educational and therapeutic knowledge to provide the best services. 

We strive to reach higher and help our students do the same.

Educational Philosophy

Our Mission

          We believe that every student can learn. Every activity can be modified with verbal cues, physical prompts, activity presentation, adaptive equipment, and many other things. It is the responsibility of the educational team to utilize these modifications and strategies to assist the student in learning.
          Our educational philosophy believes that  inclusion should be utilized as appropriate as possible. If students are taught skill components and problem solving instead of just facts than more students can learn together. We believe skill components are essential to learning because skill components can be transferred from course to course. For example, reading comprehension affects every subject because if you do not have the skills or strategies tackle Thoreau’s existentialism than how can you tackle Newton’s Laws of Physics? 

          Overall,our experiences in special education and general education have taught us that every child can learn and benefit from accomplishing tasks. The size of the task is not as important as building the student confidence and competence. When students are confident they can build on those competencies and reach higher and higher towards their goals.