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Reaching Higher Therapy

Course Objectives

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The course is ideal for teachers, therapists, and parents because it focuses on activities and strategies to improve motor skill development. These techniques can be used Immediately in the classroom. Immediately!! I believe in helping other educators and parents increase student skill attainment. The course is one to one and a half hours depending on need of the facility and attendees. The course is ideal for preschool and elementary grade levels. A copy of my book, Coleman Curriculum for School Based Occupational Therapy, is included. It includes 12 lesson plans for integrated motor activities!! It is a valuable resource for every facility.

Easy Strategies and Fun Activities for Academic Motor Development 

Presented by Thomas Coleman MaEDL, BS in OT

About the Course

Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:
1.Describe motor development terms such as motor memory and motor priming
2.Utilize specific educational strategies to improve motor skills such as environmental modification
3.Perform fun activities that engage students and promote learning such as thumb pop game
4.Apply principles from Coleman Curriculum for School Based Occupational Therapy
5.Complete and perform lesson plans from Coleman Curriculum for School Based Occupational Therapy
6.Incorporate simple daily motor modifications in the classroom to promote student independence
7.Discuss latest evidence based motor techniques to improve independence in motor skill components to allow teachers to focus on material and academic skills